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Helping you from the inside out!!

Submitted by: Esther M. Franklin

Serving jail inmates across the globe. Tri-State legal journal is a monthly publication. The TLJ is the official legal journal for inmates to keep updated on current legal issues, House and Senate Bills, major legal case affecting individual rights, world news and headline news stories covering local regions. The journal is an official resource guide to outside resources. The journal also provides family members the opportunity to reach out to inmates through ad announcements. The world is changing rapidly and although these inmates are no longer a part of society now, they will one day. I believe that by provide inmates with information that will keep them educated on how the world is evolving. I intend to educate inmates with the intent of changing the world, but change must come from within ultimately helping America cut down on the recidivist rate by transforming the inmates into productive members of society.

Business Name

Tri-State Legal Journal

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