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All the way to the top with Score

Submitted by: Farnoz-Faith Jamshidi

This is a story of how a personal hardship was turned around into a success story. My mystery health issue was solved when as a scientist I decided to turn myself into a Guinea pig and get to the bottom of it. After months of trial and error, I formulated what I like to call a golden drink that took care of all my health issues one by one. People noticed and asked for it. I received 100% satisfaction with overwhelming personal victory stories and was encouraged to make it available to all. As a scientist, I had no business background and didn't even know where to start. Score has graciously helped me every step of the way. Mentors at Score are knowledgable, professional, experienced and generous with their time. I've had tremendous learning opportunities so far and would like to take advantage of their guidance all the way to the top. Thank you Score

Business Name

Manhattan Health

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