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Submitted by: DORIS MUKANGU

Johari is Swahili for jewels. It has a double meaning; the beautifully hand-crafted jewelry by African
refugee women, and the women themselves. This custom-made hand-crafted jewelry has a story to tell.
Johari’s goal is to provide refugee women with a launching pad that enables them to get their unique,
ethnocentric, ecofriendly (recycled beads, paper, seeds, scrap cloth), custom- made handicrafts to the
market place using effective marketing and branding strategies. Johari recognizes the unique talents of this group of women and aims to showcase their products
specifically in high end boutiques. In addition, Johari will incorporate social media to increase product
exposure designed to include markets across borders.
Where refugee women have exemplified the ability and perseverance to survive, and are a group that is highly motivated and skilled, Johari’s vision (specifically the Atlanta initiative) is to provide them, with the right information and support, and give them the one thing they mostly miss out on- Opportunity! Johari is fashioned after a very successful project implemented by our non-profit African Women Health, Education & Empowerment Center (AWHEEC) in Kenya and Ghana. The program was initiated as an innovative way to raise funds for programs for our nonprofit. Handicrafts made by African women have been placed in high end boutiques (5 continents boutique), Charis bookstore and various outdoor festivals.

Business Name

Johari African Enterprise

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